About Counselling

Why You Might Come To Counselling

You may already have some idea of why you want to come to counselling.  Perhaps you have had painful experiences or you are facing a significant life event such as divorce, starting a family or the death of a loved one. You may be seeking counselling to support you with a specific issue such as depression, anxiety, addiction, or illness.  Maybe you have reached a crossroads in life or you feel 'stuck' and want to find a new direction.

Sometimes our problems are less easy to define. You may feel  worried or overwhelmed but not really know why.  Perhaps feelings of sadness, anger, guilt or loneliness are stopping you from truly enjoying your life. Maybe you are having difficulty feeling motivated or wish you just felt a bit better about yourself.

How Will Counselling Help Me?

I understand that talking about difficult things may feel daunting. You may have grown up in an environment where talking about feelings wasn’t comfortable or encouraged. Perhaps you just feel like you have no idea where to start.

Whilst family and friends can often provide valuable support and advice, counselling provides a safe, confidential space where you can talk to a professional who is not directly involved in your life.

As your counsellor, my aim is to build a trusting relationship with you through which you feel comfortable to talk at your own  pace. I will listen without judgement but with compassion and respect. We will work together to understand your story. We might explore ways to heal the hurt of the past, overcome obstacles in the present and set goals for the future. You can learn to like who you are and feel empowered to make positive changes to your life.